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Commercial Services

Where Business Feels Personal

Whether you manage an office, a department store, a restaurant or some other commercial enterprise, the comfort of your customers and your staff is a business priority. However, this is a large responsibility. Luckily, with Innovative Comfort’s team on your side, you don’t have to do it alone. Our commercial HVAC services will unearth a cozier space and foster a more comfortable future for your business.

Emergency Service

If your customers, employees or visitors aren’t comfy, then neither is your business. Because of this, comfort loss is a crisis. You can trust our emergency repair services to put your worries to bed with the swift and dependable fix your system—and your peace of mind—need.

Heat Pumps

Did you know that it only takes one system to pump up your space’s coziness all year long? Well, it’s true. Our commercial heat pumps have the versatility to deliver both warmth and chilled relief to your building. But that’s not all. This system saves you money on your heating bills, too. Now that’s a total comfort system.

Commercial Heating & Cooling

A comfortable space keeps employees happy. As a result, they not only work harder, but their welcoming demeanors help to boost your customers’ loyalty. All this makes your business run smoothly. So, let us help you turn that vision into a reality with our commercial heating and cooling services.


More likely than not, the air inside your commercial space is dirtier than the air outside. That’s a breathtaking truth. But luckily, our ventilation services are designed to clear out these harmful airborne contaminants from your space. This, in turn, gives you the power to stop poor indoor air quality before it impedes your business.

Maintenance Agreements

Maintenance agreements ensure that your system remains healthy so that it will consistently run more efficiently. This helps reduce your energy bills, which saves you some serious cash. But keep this in mind: A service contract is only as good as the company that stands behind it. With that being said, let our team of trustworthy and hardworking experts stand as proof that our maintenance agreements are the top of the line.

Water Heaters

You need a water heater all year long. There are countless daily tasks where access to hot water is a necessity. Well, with our commercial water heater services, you can tap into your hot water whenever you need it. So, let us help you accomplish your daily tasks and keep your serenity from being left out in the cold.

Building Automation

A business or company operates better when everyone works together. Likewise, when your HVAC system, lighting, security controls and other equipment work together, it makes handling your commercial space’s comfort a breeze. So, see how building automation can help you get a better grip on how your business and its building functions.

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