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Believe it or not, it’s just as important to keep your indoor space healthy as it is to keep it comfy. Thankfully, with a commercial ventilation system from Innovative Comfort, it’s effortless to achieve both.

Here’s how our ventilation system gives you the power to stop poor indoor air quality before it impedes your business’s success.


Ventilation is all about transferring the proper amount of fresh air from outside to inside. This is crucial because, without enough ventilation, stagnant air will take over your commercial space—and, eventually, your business.


Ventilation is important for keeping your space comfortable and establishing and maintaining healthy indoor air quality.

A poorly ventilated space takes a toll on your business with stale air hindering your HVAC equipment’s performance, skyrocketing your energy bills and putting your employees’ and customers’ health at risk.

However, a well-ventilated space keeps your business thriving. With fresh indoor air, your HVAC unit doesn’t have to work as hard to attain and maintain your space’s desired temperature. This leads to lower operating costs and more savings. Plus, sufficient airflow keeps your workers healthy and alert. It also encourages customers and guests to stay longer and return more frequently because they feel more comfortable.

Ventilation is particularly important for commercial spaces where a lot of moisture accumulates, such as restaurants and gyms. That’s because it helps to control your building’s humidity level, which prevents mold growth and protects your furnishings, products and equipment from damage.


Our commercial ventilation systems will control when, where and how much outside air is added to your indoor environment. This, in turn, leads to higher energy efficiency for your equipment, increased productivity for your workers, a more inviting atmosphere for your customers and, overall, a healthier business.

With our system, fresh indoor air is a guarantee. That’s because it ensures only the perfect amount of air enters your space. This is important because too much air from outside can impede your HVAC unit’s performance, which will drive up your energy bills. On the other hand, not enough fresh air coming in leaves your space feeling stuffy.

But there’s more. Our ventilation system fosters cleaner air, too. It prevents odors and pollutants from building up by sending stale, contaminant-filled air outside, while simultaneously bringing fresh, clean air inside.

Essentially, our ventilation system can help guide you toward operating a healthier, more successful business.

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